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Vacuum Ultra Mixer
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Application & Process :

Ultra Vacuum Mixer is applicable for a wide variety of viscosity product, i.e. emulsions and semisolid. It integrates mixing, vacuuming, heating, cooling and homogenizing functions into single machine, resulting in a considerably reduction in cycle time. Our range stretches from laboratory model of 10 liters up to production model of 6,000 liters working capacity.

Application :

Working Principle :

The basis of mixing system of Ultra Vacuum Mixer is a combination of counter - rotating paddle agitator and internal homogenizer. Gate-type agitator with cross baffles rotates in anti-clockwise direction while counter paddle revolves in clockwise direction, generating a disturbance in the normally circular flow pattern and dampen vortex formation. The blades of paddles are pitched to promote top - to bottom flow. In addition, adjustable scrapers are utilized to prevent the build-up of a stagnant film between the agitator and the vessel, and assure efficient heat transfer to product during heating and cooling steps. The speed of the agitator and the counter paddle can be varied separately.

Homo disperser, locates at the bottom of the vessel, accomplishes emulsification by physical action and centrifugal forces created by high speed rotation of the rotor. These actions would break up oil phase/ aqueous phase liquid stream into tiny and discrete droplets. Then they will be intensively and continuously mixed by counter - rotating agitator mechanism, and become final products. For versatility of use, interchangeable high viscosity and low viscosity homo disperser heads are provided with the system. Homo disperser speed is adjustable by inverter control.

Conical mixing vessel is jacketed for heating / cooling and completely enclosed. All contact parts are stainless steel 316. The vessel is designed to operate under vacuum; mixing and emulsification can then be performed without entrainment of air.

A temperature measuring probe, extending directly into the product, allows exact setting of the temperature with a view to process management. For process reproducibility, mixing time, product temperature, agitator speed, counter paddle speed and homogenizer speed can be controlled to the desired condition.

Raw material feeding to Prism Vacuum Mixer can be manual through the fully open lid, or completely automatic through vacuum system. Finished product is discharges by manual discharge valve or through special design transfer pump on mobile trolley into product container.

Design Features :

Optional Features :

Safety Features :

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Vacuum - Ultra Mixer/ Emulsion Mixer/ Homogenizer Mixer- 1200L

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