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Vacuum  Tray Dryer

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Application & Process :

The Vacuum Tray Dryers are used to het and dry material under the state of vacuum is called vacuum drying and where difficulties in drying materials due to high toxic contents, hygroscopic in nature, heat sensitive. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical, Herbal, chemical & foodstuff.

The Vacuum Dryer is basically a tray dryer working under vacuum conditions. Its use vacuum to pump air and humidity out from the closed heat chamber due to vacuum making the chamber on the vacuum state thus increased drying rate greatly and saved energy. The boiling point of the material to be brought down for drying and the entire system is in closed loops so, no contamination occurs. The evaporation's evolved during the drying process is cooled down through a connected condenser and collected in receiver. The vacuum dryer when combined with solvent extraction system, ensures that almost all of evaporating vapors is recovered and condensed in to a receiver. Vacuum dryer is closed chamber with heavy structure with air lock doors, Jacketed and insulated body. Inside chamber there are shelves for resting tray. Shelves are manufactured in hollow construction with baffles cum stiffeners, inlet and outlet nozzle. Hot media is passed through the Inlet Header to each , so heat transfer to the surface, which in turn heats up trays placed on the shelves. The hot media flows out from the shelves through the Outlet Header.

salient Features :

Vacuum  Tray Dryer
Vacuum  Tray Dryer
Vacuum  Tray Dryer
Vacuum  Tray Dryer
Vacuum  Tray Dryer
Vacuum  Tray Dryer

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