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Plough mixer - Plough Shear Mixer Manufacturer in India

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Plough Shear Mixer Machine:

The SHREE BHAGWATI make Plough Shear Mixer machine consists of transmission heavy duty mechanism, horizontal drum with inlet and outlet systems, plough and fly cutter. The product material flow forwards in axial direction along the drum shell by the force from the plough. The materials will be thrown to all directions by high  speed rotating fly cutter when pass by it, achieve uniform mixing in the shorter time.


SHREE BHAGWATI make Plough Shear Mixer machine It is widely used in construction material, chemicals, medicine, agricultural medicine, food, feed and feed additives, yes, paints, plastics and other industries, such as solid - solid (powder and powder), mixed solid-liquid (add a small amount of powder in liquid) and wet granulation, drying and composite technology. It is especially suitable for the mixture of viscous or rubbery additives.

Plough Shear Mixer Manufacturer

Plough share mixer machines specially used  powder processing , granulates products, grains, fradgile material, semi and viscous products & Cement concrete materials. 

Plough Shear Mixer Supplier

Ploughshare Mixers Working Principle - Plough share mixer with horizontal mixer consisting of a cylindrical container , horizontal, enclosing plough shaped bladed  with mixing with  horizontal shaft mounted . Our Mixer with rotating choppers with high speed  or choppers multiple with mixing , disperse for lumps and pasty additives or agglomerations with powdery carriers.  Plough Mixers with liquid feeding devices, mixer with jacket for heating / cooling, under vacuum and drying  and finally Plough Mixer equipment additionally also provided with solvent recovery attachment and system.

Advantage of SHREE BHAGWATI Mixers :

Plough Mixer Machine
Plough Mixer Machine
Plough Mixer Machine
Plough Mixer, Nautra Mixer
Nautra Mixer with Ribbon Mixer

SHREE BHAGWATI make Plough Shear Mixer machine demand and Industry use including Fiber Powder Mixer Machine , Pesticide Powder Mixing Equipment , Paddle Mixer Machine, Mine Powder Plough Mixer , INDIA make Fiber Powder Mixer Machine , Powder mixer , Germany Pesticide Powder Mixing Equipment , India Mine Powder Plough Mixers. Ribbon Mixer , Food Mixer Machine , Plough Shear Mixer 500 Ltr, 1000Ltr, 1500 Ltr , 2000 Ltr , 2500 Ltr, 3000 Liters, 3500 Liter, 4000 kg, 5000 Kg, 6000 Liters, 7000 Liters, 8000 Kg/ Liters, 9000 Liter and 10,000 Liter or Kg mixer our ranges , all our mixer customized and designed customized as per customer requirement.

Wide range of Plough mixer ,Nauta Mixer and Ribbon mixer machine best suitable for mix food, like milk powder, protein powder, instant noodle ,coffee , tea and vitamins , food  and starch ,flour , salt , coco powder & spice. Ribbon mixer ,Nauta Mixer for Nuts, meat, Pharmaceutical  intermediate, API and medicine, health food etc capacity 50 kg to 10,000 kegs depend of customer requirement

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