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How Can Particle Size Reduction Happen in Cage Blender?

Tumbler blenders or IBC Container tumblers are used mainly for amalgamation of dry fine particles for tablet and capsule creator, which make possible enhanced pour for medication and capsule. This is a blocked controlled, completely stain free lonely step convey constitution. It can be management more than one amount of IBC container tumblers.
In granulation region the dry granule goes from side to side to the IBC container for amalgamation from side to side a stain free connection and the similar IBC container is laden in surplus of the mixer for blending. The IBC bin protected in the motionless frame in 15° after that lifted by hydraulic structure to increasing for moving elevation following that the IBC bin rotates for blending. This identical IBC container after mixture rises above the tablet press for reception in to the tablet press hoppers.
The Cage Blenders system is a fourth originator arrangement intended as an essential cycle arrangement from formulation to operation. It involves addition and batch recognition of the creation throughout in-between steps within the same hermetically preserved container. This organization allows that the G.M.P. is follow as intimately as probable (no cross stain, no location of the surroundings)


The bins are mound able single over the previous and shall have whole constancy.
The bins are able to be lifted stack and elated by Fork Lift Trucks.
The charge opening with wrap is providing on top with rapid aperture & concluding planning.
The bins are extremely refined from interior & exterior.

(II) The Cage

The Drum Blender is fabricated with SS structure with 2 shafts mount on Plummer block it is joined to the drive consisting of motor and gear box of necessary dimension. Flanked by motor and gear box a fluid combination to obtain care of preliminary torque is providing. Manual inching engagements to transport the cage in arrangement is provide.

The intend of the cage and the following arrangement is such that the bins can be loaded & separate from the cage by income of fork lift trucks thereby eliminate physical hand.
The stipulation of locking agreement for the door & clamping of bins tightly is totally tool pooof. An appropriate lattice approximately the cage is provided with an admission point for the fork list. A bound switch is included in the electrical route to put off the purpose of the cage when the door is unwrapping.

(III) MS Trolleys

The bottom frame shall consist of MS Angle iron by means of a cover top.
It shall have 2 nos. permanent types & 2 nos. revolve type castor wheels.
A permanent grip made out of MS Pipes shall be provided for easy movement of trolleys.
It shall be given 2 coats of red oxide basic coverage and 2 coats of enamel dye of appropriate colour.


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