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V Shape Blender

V Shape Blender

V Shape Powder Blenders are used for powder and granules mixing, lubricating and blending in Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Pesticide, Plastics, Chemical, Ceramics, Cosmetics, Food and other Allied industries available 5 Kg to 10,000 kegs with PLC , Plat form , Flamproof motor , PLC color touch screen base operating systems . V-Blenders special designed shape blending equipment 2 cu. ft ,3, 5, 10, 15 cu. ft for small production unit and we make maximum up to 1000 cu.ft. capacity. Each is V Blender constructed of type 316 / 316L-stainless steel and is internally polished to a 240 grit sanitary finish. The exterior is polished to an easily cleaned 150-grit finish.

The product containers have 'V" shape which creates continuous split and recombines the material to give more tumbler and friction effect to the material for fast and homogenizing mixing. It can perform homogenously the mixing and blending of particles with rapid intermixing irrespective of varying specific gravities, dry mixing of free flowing powders and granules requiring low shearing force. The material is loaded into the 'V" shape blender drum which tumbles the material in the container and spread out. The mixing is achieved in 5 to 15 minutes with better homogeneity.

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Double Cone Blender

Doube Cone Blender

Double Cone Blender for mixing of dry powders and granules . specially designed cone blender machine with all the contact parts are made of stainless steel. Two cone blender volume for optimum homogeneity is between 30-75% of gross volume - depend of powder /granules. The double cone special design eliminates with dead spots. conventional type double cone mixer. It can be used for Blenders , mixing, lubricating and blending for Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Food, Chemical, cosmetics, ceramics, pesticide, plastics and other Allied industries.

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Octagonal Blender

Octagonal Blender

Our Blenders best suitable for Materials mixing and blending products , The octagonal shape blenders best suitable for Cosmetic products , Ceramics , Animal feed , Pain color , Pharmaceutical, API bulk drugs, Nutraceutical, Food, Chemical, cosmetics, ceramics, pesticide, plastics and other Allied industries.

Our Octagonal blender machine with latest updated designed with Highly efficient dry mixing of granular products with Capacity varies between 100 LTR and 20000 litres - mixing of free-flowing powders.

Stainless Steel Mass Mixer is Specially designed equipment for product uniformly mixing of dry and wet materials and Mass mixer especially industry demanded for Granules , powder of Ayurveda , Pharma, Food, Herbals, Agro Chemicals & pain powder and Chemicals.

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Ribbon Blender

Ribbon Blender

The Ribbon Blender machine or Mixer operates raw materials mixing powder or granules of Pharmaceutical Materials, Crystalline, Insecticides, Pesticides, and Food industry and heat sensitive products. Ribbon Blender is used many industries for mixing and drying powders such as food powder, carbon black, granules, pellets and various other solid forms , Customer many different industry customer with many application for ribbon type mixer and blender machines.

The Stainless Steel RIBBON BLENDER is an best efficient and versatile product blending machine for mixing of dry granules & powders homogeneously. Approx two third of the product volume of the container of Ribbon Blender is filled to ensure proper mixing materials. Shree Bhagwati Ribbon Blender gives best super result for mixing of product like dry powder & granules due to the design and shape of the materials mixing ribbon and product container.

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Bin Blender

Bin Blender

Shree Bhagwati is No 1. In Pharma Equipments, we have 2000+ Satisfied Clients and we proudly providing a Wide Range of products and Bin blenders or Container tumblers are predominantly used for combination of dry powder for tablet assemble and capsule, which make easy to enhanced to add the tablets and capsules. This is a stopped up forced, totally stain free solitary step for convey structure. It can be grip more than one size of container tumblers.

Superior quality of granulation area the dry grain go from side to side to the IBC container for blending from side to side a stain free connection and the same IBC container is loaded over to the blender for combination. The IBC bin locked in the inactive frame in 15° then raise by hydraulic system in 15° disposed position after that the IBC bin revolve for combination with 3 aspect actions.

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Cage Blender

Cage Blender

Latest Design of granulation area the dry granules go from beginning to end to the IBC container for amalgamation from beginning to end a dust free association and the same IBC container is loaded in overindulgence of the blender for amalgamation. The IBC bin locked in the motionless frame in 15° after that lifted by hydraulic formation to mounting for moving altitude subsequent that the IBC bin turn around for amalgamation. These indistinguishable IBC containers after amalgamation rise above the tablet press for unloading in to the tablet press hoppers.


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Drum Mixer - Drum Blender

Drum / Barrel mixer Blender

No 1. In Pharma Equipments of SHREE BHAGWATI makes Quality Used Equipment of Drum/ Barrel mixer is fastener equipment used in pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Drum mixers are extremely well-organized mixing equipment used for mixing of powder. These mixers have gallon drums which swivel in order to mix powder. The mixing procedures engage loading the material into the drum, which is confined in a hoop and rotated subsequently

Custom design is extremely useful for mixing of ingredients or raw materials to be dispatch in barrels. Dissimilar other mixer, this mixer does not have any interior moving parts like blades or impellers; so the mixer avoids corrosion of the substance from friction-induced heating, given that the drum has no departed space, so the material is consistently blended. The drum mixers are powered by pneumatic or stimulating motors and obtainable in a Customized of sizes. These mixers are configured in such an approach so that appropriate combination and quality control of the end product is attained.

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