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Application & Process :

The Ribbon Vacuum Mixer Dryer operates at low temperature efficiently under vacuum. It is used for raw materials drying and mixing powder or granules of Pharmaceutical Materials, Crystalline, Insecticides, Pesticides, and Food industry and heat sensitive products. The Ribbon Vacuum Mixer Dryer cannot operate at low Temperature easily as it gets oxidized and is poisonous by nature. The Ribbon Vacuum Mixer Dryer is specially designed with a Double Helical Ribbon Agitator type blade by rigid fabricated structure motor, gear box which consists of a jacketed cylindrical shell with rotator.

During the rotation of the stirrer, there is provision for application of vacuum inside the shell and circulation of heating media in the jacket. As the product gently moving while the ribbon stirrer rotates, the large heating surface area presented by the internals of the cylindrical shell ensures uniform drying of the product. A fresh layer comes into contact with the indirectly heated walls of the shell when the diffusive action is induced by the mixing stirrer constantly. A well designed sealing system ensures positive circulation of a heating media in the jacket and also enables maintenance of deep vacuum inside the shell.

Optional Features :

Safety Features :

ModelTotal Capacity - LiterWorking Capacity- LiterRPMMotor Rating-HP
BHAGWATI -254020-25
BHAGWATI -507525-50
BHAGWATI -10015070-100
BHAGWATI -200300150-200
BHAGWATI -300450225-300
BHAGWATI -550800 400-500
BHAGWATI -750 1100 500-750 Pl. Contact us for more details.
BHAGWATI -1000 1500 700-1000
BHAGWATI -1250 1900 950-1250
BHAGWATI -1500 2250 1100-1500
BHAGWATI -2000 3000 1500-2000
BHAGWATI -3000 4500 2250-3000
BHAGWATI -5000 7500 3750-5000

salient Features :

Ribbon Vacuum Mixer Dryer with Cylindrical Shell-1000L
Ribbon Vacuum Mixer Dryer -1800L- U Shell Type
Charging Funnel at Top Lid & Discharge gate
ISO Certifications
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